The Meaning of the Concept of Pakistan: In the Light of a Few Letters to Muhammad Ali Jinnah تصورِ پاکستان کی معنویت:محمد علی جناح کے نام چند خطوط کی روشنی میں


  • Dr Ibrar Khattak Department of Urdu, GPGC, Nowshera. KPK


concept of Khudi and Be khudi, khutba Illah Abad, letters to Jinnah, activation of Muslim league, pragmatic struggle of independence of Pakistan


There is a logical relationship in Iqbal’s mental and process of thoughts
evolution. Iqbal’s ideology of Pakistan was not merely a concept rather he
made a gigantic struggle to materialize it in actual shape by suggesting a
thoughtful and pragmatic planning. The study Iqbal’s concept of the
“Khudi and of Be Khudi “and its relationship with with sequence of
thought embedded in his concept of Pakistan open many horizons of
thoughts and knowledge for both individual and collective levels
“sense of lust and determination of self “organize human society in such
a manner in which the potentials to deal with all possible problems exist.
He somehow not only highlighted this concept in his speech delivered in
Ilah Abad but also a concept of pragmatic state in shape of Pakistan by
forming Muslim league dynamic and real people’s party to continue with
his struggle. Which signs can be seen in his letters to Jinnah. This research
article is an attempt to explore the relationship between Iqbal’ concept of
“Khudi and Be Khudi “and his philosophical and pragmatic struggle found
in his concept of Pakistan .besides ,a critical analysis of his empirical
struggle is given in light of his letters to Jinnah.