Destruction of the Colonial System: A Critical Study نو آبادیاتی نظام کے اثرات اور فکرِ اقبال: تحقیقی مطا لعہ


  • Dr. Abdul Sattar Niazi Assistant Professor, University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus


نوآبادیات, استحصال, لوٹ مار, ثنویت, اتصا ل


The significance of the colonial ideology is increasing in the present
times. Apart from the changes occurred in the world, these ideologies
and thoughts, the study of colonialism and post-colonialism are
attracting the sagacious people towards it. Exploiting forces strengthen
their economy by planning to plunder the resources of the third-world
countries. Then, a few people are escalated to authority for the sake of
the establishment of their own culture. Critics also minutely studied
the “gifts”, given by colonialism and his profound adoration with Islam
exposed the false culture. They teach the nation a lesson of autonomy
by briefing them regarding the deception of colonialists. The nation is
not willing to be neutralized against the influence of colonialism after
independence. Now, the need of the hour is to impart the drawbacks of
colonialism from the nation in the light of colonial ideology so that
they should be inclined to learn about science and technology. Hence,
the Islamic nation will be able to be graceful and successful.