Thoughts of Iqbal in the context of Zarb - e- Kaleem فکر اقبال اور عصر حاظر(ضرب کلیم کے تناظر میں)


  • Dr. Rifat Choudhry Lecturer, Department of Urdu, GC Women University Sialkot


Prophecies, Ban’ge Dara, Zarb’be Kaleem, Modern Muslim, Justice, Humanity


At the beginning of practical life, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, was
highly influenced by the modern prophecies of his era. Even though
the socio-economic conditions of the Muslims of that time were
despondent, still the poetical collection he got from his dynasties was
very gigantic and eloquent. Iqbal wanted to guide his Nation so
“Ban’ge Deraa” is believed to be the emergence of his poetical life.
Iqbal's arts of poetry were reached to its pinnacle up till Zarb’be
Kaleem. That was the collection in which he decided to have an open
combat against the falseness of that era. He strictly criticized the
untruthful conflictions of the time due to which Muslims were deeply
deprived of high morals like the Oneness of Almighty Allah. Iqbal
protests all those elements of that period due to which the quest of
action was dying. It is regretfully said that the firm belief and true
thinking is still missing in today’s Muslims. Their perception has
departed, and their minds are terrified. Our art and literature have rundown from its factual soul. Thus, it is the need of the hour to read and
teach Iqbal’s poetry, so that Modern Muslim could build a society
which is truly based on the superlative morals like peace justice,
tolerance, and humanity.