Dr. Hamidi Kashmiri’s Iqtishafi Criticism ڈاکٹر حامدی کشمیری کی اکتشافی تنقید: تحقیقی مطالعہ


  • Dr. Muneer Hussain Vice Principal, Municipal Education System, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir


Criticism, literature, scarcity, linguistic, rampant


Hamidi Kashmiri is one of the most eminent Poet and Short Story
Writer of Jammu & Kashmir. He has deep rooted linguistic study and
criticism. He is credited with fifty books covering different aspects of
literature. He has tangible, balanced, crystal clear and very solid critical
approaches about the art and demands of poetry. He established new theory
of criticisms known as Iqtishafi Tanqeed, in which he has tried to display
wings of the words which become indispensable in poetry. He applied his
critics’ theory many classical Urdu poets i.e. Mir, Ghalib and Nasir Kazmi
verses. The poetry of Iqbal is rampant. Traditional criticism is a scarcity of
worth that cannot do justice with poetry of Iqbal. Hamidi Kashmiri put forth
his new critical theory over the Iqbal poetics. After the analysis of Iqbal
poetic he conducted many results. This paper explores various dimensions of
Iqbal poetry according to new critical approach.