The Wretched of the Earth and effects of Colonialism افتادگان خاک“ اور نو آبادیاتی نظام کے اثرات"


  • Faiza Urooj PHD Scholar, GCW University, Sialkot


Colonialism, Algerian Independence Movement, Racism, Violence, Revolution


Abstract: Slavery is creating a history in itself till the achievement
of national independence. Which present their social, cultural,
political and economic aspects as an example to the world? A
similar independence movement arose in Algeria and led to the
end of French colonialism. The oppression and brutality that
exists in the colonial system was tried on the people of Algeria.
Mujahedeen sacrificed millions of lives and stood on their front.
Finally, the French colonialism could not withstand the guerilla
attacks and after one hundred and thirty-two years of
independence war, Algeria got rid of the colonial system.Franz
Fanon was a Marxist intellectual and revolutionary. His politics
started as a reaction against apartheid, he realized the social
truths through his struggle and resistance. In "The Wretched of
the earth" the oppressed and underprivileged people and
societies of the third world have been made the subject. This
book was written during the period when he was there to help
the Algerian Mujahedeen.Franz Fanon has pointed out the
specific ideas of the colonial Western intellectuals and the facts
of their mental and intellectual thoughts in an excellent way. The
humanistic 'attitude' of the colonial system exploded. He created
a revolutionary wave among the local people by raising the voice
of resistance against racism and nationalism, oppression and
violence and colonialism. Franz Fanon also wrote useful
suggestions for anti-colonialism in this book which are useful in
reducing the effects of colonialism.