A research, critical and descriptive study of the teachings of Bashir Ahmad Nahvi regarding the thought of Iqbal in Occupied Kashmir


  • Talib Hussain Hashmi
  • Syed Sheraz Ali Zaidi


Conferences, Seminars, Compiled, Tasawuf, Opportunity, Established


Bashir Ahmed Nahvi is a respected writer, critic and researcher of Occupied Kashmir (India) who has deep affection for Urdu and Iqbal. He has the same power on both speech and writing. Bashir Ahmad Nahvi is known and famous as Hafiz-e-Kalam-e-Iqbal. He promoted Iqbaliat magzine by organizing various conferences and seminars in occupied Kashmir. Magazine "Iqbaliyat" edited by Bashir Ahmed Nahvi and Nine volumes were also published. Bashir Ahmed Nahvi published Six books on the title of Iqbaliyat. He compiled nine books. He received his Ph. D degree (Iqbal aur Tasawuf) which he got the opportunity to learn about Iqbal's philosophical thoughts and ideas. He is so impressed by Iqbal's thoughts, Philosophy and teachings that he has established Iqbal Academy in Occupied Kashmir for the purpose of popularizing Iqbal's knowledge and a comprehensive program of organizing seminars on various topics about Iqbal and authoring and compiling books. He has made So Far Seventy M. Phil and Ph. D thesis have been written under his supervision.