Mir of recognition reference Authentic Abdullah: SyedDr.


  • Dr. Munir Hussain
  • Dr. Mahfooz Hussain
  • Maqsood Elahi Kundi


Nukat-us-Shura, Criticism, Classical, Biography, Evidences, Scholars


Mir Taqi Mir (1722 -1810 A.D) was a legendary and visionary Urdu Poet of 18 century. His classical poetry collection consists of six volumes in Urdu and one volume of Persian. He pinned an autobiography titled "Zakir-e- Mir "in Persian .He compiled a fascinated biographical dictionary titled "Nukat-us-Shura" in Persian. His era was full equipped with calamity. The magnitude of devastating was fully exercised in his poetry. Dr. Syed Abdullah(1906-1986 A.D) was a resilient Urdu scholer. He authored more than thirty books on different dimensions i-e. Criticism. Iqbal study and Mir study. He also edited many classical Urdu and Persian literature books. Prominent features of his contributions are Mir study. He introduced many new aspect of Mir, s poetry and analysis, autobiography and dictionary of biography of Mir. He rejected many assumptions against Mir with concrete proof and solid evidences with more comprehensive way. This article explores Dr. Syed Abbdullah,s various dimensions of Mir study who was introduced in his famous articles and books.