Evolution and problems of humanism in women novelists


  • M. Saleem Server
  • Samina Siddiqui


Feminisim, women, education, disadvantages of women, Patriarchal society


Novels by women novelists are the original images where women are shown in their true form.Uneducated, emotionless and full of service, a statue in the form of a robot wearing make-up walled in on the wall. It has been hung to make the room look beautiful. Ismat Chaghatai's Shaman is the character who rebelled against the patriarchal society and registered her name as the first member of the women's movement. Qaratul Ain Haider describing the male psyche through Champa. The position of women has been highlighted and the influence of women on men's minds has been described.Jameela Hashmi has portrayed Kanwal Kumari as a character who is able to please and remove the fear of men from her heart, who not only removes fear from her life, but also appears to reform many other weak-hearted women. Kanwal Kumari became the character of the women's movement who later appeared in real life in the form of Kishwer Naheed, Fahmida Riaz and many other such characters. Razia Faseeh Ahmed is the favorite novelist of the new generation. Both sides of a conscious woman have also been presented. While Saba loves Asad
immensely, she also keeps a close eye on Asad's external relations.